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QML Pathology – Penny & Janet

Meet our friendly and experienced QML Pathology team Penny and Janet



Our mission is to deliver better insights into the health of more Australians.


These are the three values that we are working to establish as the core to who we are – our DNA so to speak:

Partnering with our referring doctors to better each patient’s care

  • Each treating doctor’s needs come first
  • An unquestioned commitment to quality
  • Improving each patient’s care is our ultimate goal

Relentless improvement in everything we do

  • Perpetual focus on improving quality, agility, reliability, and cost
  • Commitment and improving performance driven by exceptional people working together

Build trust through integrity, teamwork and accountability

  • Building trust is the key to delivering on our mission
  • We strive to be honest, dependable and forthright
  • We take ownership and accountability for the outcome of everything we do
Trent Wade

Trent is a passionate and enthusiastic Physiotherapist. He has a broad range of experience, treating clients of all ages and at all physical levels. He has worked as a senior and Principal Physiotherapist in multiple work settings including both private and public hospitals, sports Physiotherapy clinics and in aged care facilities.

Brhea Ind

Brhea Ind has been a practising psychologist for the last 10 years. Brhea specialise in adults, children and couples using the therapies of ACT, Mindfulness and CBT. She has successful results treating adults and children with symptoms of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and PTSD. Brhea goal is to assist individuals with behaviour changes to successfully live happy and healthy lifestyles. Therapy is combined with a healthy exercise and eating routine to ensure an optimal quality of life.